CAVU Pictures, Inc. produces original films through its own in-house development and production arm. CAVU Releasing, LLC acquires new films (or enters into Service Deals) for theatrical release and distribution to all domestic & foreign markets. CAVU has 6 films in worldwide ancillary release including “Take Out”,  “The Dukes”,  “The Real Dirt on Farmer John”,   Trailer Park Boys”,   “The Holy Land” and “Under Hellgate Bridge”. 

CAVU’s ability to release a film on both a wide and specialized release basis is due to strategic relationships with art-house exhibitors and nationwide chains like Regal Cinemas, Landmark Theatres, Clearview Cinemas, Reading International, National Amusements and AMC. CAVU’s films enjoy major market penetration, market diversity and quality exhibition facilities not always available to other indie distributors.

During its release of “The Holy Land”

IndieWIRE ranked CAVU the #1 specialty distributor in the U.S

CAVU has four (4) properties in development,  “To Die In Ireland”, Cinderella Nights”, “Dumb Luck”,  and “Bottom Of The 9th”  and is in preproduction on Richard Vetere’s “Baby Blue”. CAVU Releasing enjoys a growing reputation within the independent film community for deftly distributing critically acclaimed films and for innovative marketing and distribution strategies. Their growing reputation and ability to "finish" and distribute films has made them an attractive outlet for filmmakers.