In order for CAVU to consider acquiring your film for theatrical or home video distribution you must first e-mail us your contact info, a synopsis of your film, a cast list, production details (format, etc.), any awards and festivals, what it is about your film that makes it interesting or unique, and any other relevant info that you feel would spark a distributor's interest.

Remember, it is expensive and extremely difficult to grab the attention of potential movie audiences and the press, so clearly define for us why you believe your film is marketable. That you made it on DV or for no-money is no longer a selling point that attracts attention.

Your film must be a compelling story with good acting, well shot, well edited and with good sound. But most of all it must somehow be able to catch the imagination of the theatrical movie going public (and their $10). This is your opportunity to pitch us on why your film is a winner, so go ahead & pitch.

Once we have reviewed this material, if we believe that CAVU is the right company for your project, someone from CAVU will personally contact you. Remember, not only must we like your film, but we must feel that we can effectively distribute your film.

Do not send unsolicited DVD’s or screenplays.

Email info requested above (in the body of an e-mail) to: