If you are a filmmaker, or executive producer who is ready to move forward with a feature film project then you owe it to yourself and your investors to meet with CAVU Pictures.

At CAVU we develop, produce and distribute films from script to screen.  We can work with you on all aspects of your production including script, budget, casting, production and post-production. Then CAVU can give your film a national theatrical release.  We will create and oversee the theatrical campaign, movie trailer & poster, grassroots marketing, publicity, theater bookings and box office collections, opening night premiere party, press events and generate the theatrical buzz necessary to launch an indie film in today’s crowded marketplace.  CAVU can then guide you through the worldwide ancillary markets including home video, DVD, TV, internet and foreign sales.


At CAVU we never lose focus on why you are pursuing a film career or investment opportunity. All aspects of our involvement are designed to return the best possible ROI back to the investors.  And for the filmmakers, CAVU will help build your career by keeping you as visible as possible with the industry, press and media. 

Remember, the best way to move up in the film business is to make a great movie that receives a terrific theatrical release and keeps both the public and your investors happy... and CAVU will be there to guide you on that journey.

Call us to discuss, we look forward to the conversation.