Filmmakers who wish to retain ownership of their film rights and the majority of all proceeds generated by their films from all Theatrical, Home Video, TV and foreign sales should consider a SERVICE DEAL arrangement.

More and more filmmakers are choosing to enter into Service Deals as did the producers of "The Passion of the Christ" and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" (yes, both were services deals).

Entering into a SERVICE DEAL with CAVU basically means that the filmmaker is hiring CAVU to use its distribution expertise to create a marketing campaign, generate publicity and then book the film into select theaters all across the US.

The high level of exposure and press coverage from a successful theatrical release also greatly enhances the value of a films ancillary rights in the Homevideo, TV and foreign marketplace. And because it's a SERVICE DEAL all of the theatrical rights are retained by the filmmaker.

CAVU simply grows the value of your film by sculpting the best theatrical release possible. If requested, CAVU can also guide your film through all of its ancillary distribution.


CAVU can work with filmmakers in a number of ways. We can design, budget, schedule and manage your entire theatrical release from start to finish.... or we can simply instruct, encourage and guide you during your self release in a consulting capacity, and at a reduced price fee.


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